We reserve the right to refuse entry or require an authorized person to leave the zoo without refund, liability or compensation, for failure to comply with any of these rules or guidelines, for dangerous, illegal or offensive conduct to ensure safety or order, or if we believe circumstances otherwise require, in our sole and absolute discretion. How many discounted tickets can I buy? Up to 6 daily tickets per visit for you and your legal dependents (3-18 years old). If you want to buy more than 6 tickets, you can buy them at the general admission price. Discounted Membership: An annual Wild Access subscription for $40. This household membership includes 2 named adults and all legal dependents between the ages of 3 and 18. Children under 2 years old are always free. Discounted Day Tickets: Up to 6 day tickets at a cost of $5 each for the adult receiving the benefit and their legal dependents (ages 3-18). We strongly recommend that you return tickets prior to your visit to ensure that your order has been processed. If you arrive on site without the PDF ticket, there is a risk that you will not have an order reservation, and if we are exhausted, you will not receive access. An order can be searched by order number, buyer`s name, email address, or phone number. Can I use my Wild Access ticket purchase for a Wild Access subscription? Yes, you can apply your Wild Access ticket purchase to a Wild Access subscription on the day of your visit.

You cannot apply previous tour ticket purchases to your member purchase. Speak to a customer service team at our member booth to learn more. We have two main entrances with parking for general visitors and members: Bronx River Gate and Southern Boulevard Gate. Parking fee is $20 for cars / bus parking is only available on South Boulevard ($23). No. PLEASE leave scooters and skateboards at home! This is a significant safety issue and we must abide by all customers of our rules that prohibit scooters/skateboards/in-line skates from the park. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our guests, staff, volunteers and animals, please abide by the following rules: Fountain Circle`s preferred parking lot offers Bronx Zoo guests the closest parking lot to the zoo`s exhibits. With these high-end locations, guests can enjoy the utmost comfort and have easy access to their car throughout the day.

Preferred parking is only available to weekend visitors for a $27 fee. FREE parking at this exclusive location is a new benefit for scholarship recipients and conservation partners. Dual Premium, Family Premium, and Conservation Supporter members do not get free parking at Fountain Circle, but can pay the $27 parking fee for this property OR park for free at one of the zoo`s other parking lots. Parking is subject to availability. A limited number of preferential parking spaces are reserved for Conservation Fellows and partners, but reservations are not accepted. The land is closed when capacity is reached. Customers must be on public roads at all times. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Limited admission is free on Wednesdays all day at the Bronx Zoo. PREDICTIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE REQUIRED.

The Wednesday ticket office opens on Monday at 17:00 for reservations on this Wednesday. DO NOT come to the zoo without a reserved ticket. All washrooms in the park are open. Bottled water service stations are open. Drinks are available at the food and food stalls. Plan! Ticket prices vary depending on the date of entry. This new structure gives clients the opportunity to schedule a visit on the day that best suits their budget and schedule. The more tickets you buy in advance, the more likely you are to save! Learn more about early pricing.

Tickets now include the VIP Memory Pass. Admission is free for military personnel* and children under 3 years old. Students receive a discount!** Use our online web form for assistance from the reservation center. If you have an unused “open” ticket – such as BZ 365, gift ticket, free ticket or unused Winter Total Experience ticket – you must apply it to a timed ticket BEFORE you arrive at the zoo. You must have your ticket order number and the name, email address and phone number associated with that order. We receive a high volume of correspondence – PLEASE allow at least 2 weeks before the desired visit date so that ticket requests can be processed. Your admission includes full access to all exhibits at the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens. This includes our discussions, demonstrations, and presentations with zookeepers, such as the daily dolphin presentation (pick up your free ticket at Entry Plaza). Can I get a refund if I already have a subscription? No. The Wild Access discount cannot be applied retroactively to previous subscription or ticket purchases. The best value for your visit is our all-inclusive “Bronx Zoo Admission” ticket. This ticket offers an admission ticket to the park as well as unlimited access to rides and attractions available on the day of the tour.