Get a taste of university-level study at one of York`s free short courses, including our specialized “From Crime to Punishment” course. Osgoode`s professional development programs are designed to help experienced professionals deepen their skills and broaden their qualifications, and include part-time and full-time course options. For more information, visit Osgoode`s Professional Development website: For more information, please contact Osgoode`s Admissions Office in This certificate is open to current York students in a degree program other than law and society who do not yet have a university degree in a legal and social discipline. See law – one of the most important expressions of the social and political development of a modern society – from all sides. Law and Society is one of the oldest and largest law programs in North America with over 30 years of history and approximately 1,000 students. Our programme provides a framework in which students can explore different approaches to law with interdisciplinary approaches as well as international and comparative perspectives. Osgoode Professional Development also offers the broadest range of programs in Canada for internationally trained lawyers and law graduates. If you want to specialize with a degree from a professional college or begin the qualification process to practice common law in Canada, there is an apprenticeship option that meets your needs. The right balance between rigorous programs and hands-on experience to launch you into a successful legal career, as well as a flexible range of continuing education programs.

We challenge the traditional curriculum and strive for excellence at all levels through a comprehensive and comprehensive legal education focused on law in action. We promote interdisciplinary studies through various joint study programs and partnerships with other faculties, institutions, and international exchanges. York University integrates experiential education focused on the classroom, community and work into its programs, giving you the hands-on experience you need to transition to your professional career. Certificates allow you to take a specific group of university (credit-entitled) courses as part of your studies or separately. More details about certificates can be found here. In addition to the Graduate Research Program, Osgoode Professional Development offers a range of full-time and part-time Professional Master of Laws programs that combine theory and practice. These are ideal for Canadian or international lawyers and law graduates who wish to explore a new area of law or enhance their professional skills. For more information on these programs, visit the Osgoode Professional Development website or email

Explore campus and city life and hear what our current students have to say about life here. Dedicated students, faculty, alumni, professionals and the general public – making valuable connections and long-term relationships. Apply for scholarships and awards by February 15 and submit your application in PDF format. In the Financial Aid tab of this page, you will find scholarships adapted to your student status. The following fees and funding figures apply to the 2022/23 registration. If you complete a year of internship – for example, a year abroad or a year in the industry – you pay a reduced fee rate for that year. The Law and Society component focuses on law in its social, cultural and theoretical contexts. It builds on the knowledge and content skills gained during the Foundation Scheme to develop a deeper critical understanding of relevant rules and principles of law in specific areas. While students can choose to purchase textbooks or other resources, we have an extensive physical and electronic library, so this is not necessary. Our student ambassadors are ready to answer your questions, show you the campus and share their experience at York. Many of our graduates go on to careers as lawyers or lawyers leading the LPC or BPTC. You will take all exams (and tasks in general) as an individual.

However, they have been specifically designed to reflect the learning process of the PPA, thus facilitating group work as a preparation tool. Each course at York is designed to provide clear and ambitious learning outcomes. These learning outcomes will allow you to understand what you can do at the end of the course. We develop each course by designing modules that expand your skills towards learning outcomes and help you explain what you can offer employers. Learn more about our approach to teaching and learning. To be eligible for the General Certificate in Law and Society, students must complete 24 credits from a list of approved courses in Law and Society with a cumulative grade point average within those 24 credits of 5.0 (C+) or higher. There are many types of global learning available to you. York International is here to help you gain valuable international experience and enrich your education. In the UK, full-time students are expected to spend 1,200 hours a year studying. That`s about 40 hours of teaching and self-study per week during school hours.

Everyone learns at a different pace, so the number of hours you spend on independent learning is different than other students in your course. Our approach to problem-based learning is very different from other law schools, so it`s important to know whether it`s right for you or not. If we are considering making you an offer, we ask you to complete an online self-assessment. This will help you understand what life is like as a law student at York and decide if you want to move forward with your application. These figures are based on an average student in an average week. Your contact times will vary throughout the year depending on your choice of modules, non-mandatory courses, exam periods, and changes in planned activities. Details on the components of the study and admission requirements can be found on the program`s website. You can choose between advanced APA modules and Law and Society and Clinical Streams options. You can use our cost of living guide to plan your budget. It covers additional costs not included in your tuition fees, such as accommodation and study materials.