In addition to WPT, which occasionally hosts its online branding events in places like partypoker and 888poker, it also hosts a catalog of its own online offerings. The tour began in May 2002 with the $10,000 Five Diamond World Poker Classic at Bellagio Resort & Casino, where two legends competed for the title. Gus Hanson made history as the first WPT champion after defeating 146 entries, including the impressive John Juanda Heads-up, to win the first title as well as a huge grand prize of $556,460. Most of the tour takes place in the United States, including the aforementioned Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, and the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California. During the COVID pandemic, WPT has also held online events at partypoker. The WPT Main Tour, founded by lawyer and television producer Steve Lipscomb and currently owned by Element Partners, is the crown jewel in the WPT offering with many major events around the world, most taking place in the United States, where the World Poker Tour began. The World Poker Tour plays Texas Holdem No Limit, a poker game very different from the Texas Holdem games you see in most casino and home games, which limit the number of bets and increases to predetermined amounts. Without limit, any player can bet any amount on any spin. Therefore, “going all the way” (betting a player`s entire bankroll on a bet) is a common phenomenon that results in an exciting and unpredictable game of aggression.

WPT Prime is a new live tournament format with tournaments alongside WPT Main Tour stops with affordable buy-ins. These are designed to be accessible to a greater number of players around the world and establish the WPT in more markets. Increase blinds In order to create a sense of urgency, the blinds in a No Limit tournament increase steadily at predetermined time intervals. This means that players who sit and watch too often risk having their funds slowly devoured by the growing blinds. WPT Global is a licensed partner of the World Poker Tour, which has been around for almost 20 years and is one of the largest and most valuable poker brands. The new online poker site offers cash games, tournaments and various game formats such as No Limit Hold`em, Short Deck and Pot Limit Omaha. In the past, many satellites have also taken place at top online poker sites, and this will continue to be the case after the launch of WPT Global. In addition, players can win a free ticket to an upcoming WPT event at ClubWPT. The WPT500 was held exclusively on partypoker during the 2020-2021 season due to the COVID pandemic and has not hosted an event since August 2021. WPT Global is a newly created poker room that operates in over 100 countries. The poker site went live in April 2022 and is available in most European countries, America (except the United States) and Asia.

As with the Main Tour tournaments, WPT features a Prime Shot Clock game, win-win WPT titles, and coverage of the tournament by the WPT Digital Content team. WPT Prime Main Events also count towards the WPT Player of the Year ranking, which awards prizes worth $30,000 at the end of each year. The gameplay of No Limit Texas Holdem is identical to the Limit games, which you can read on our Texas Holdem Rules page. Here, we`ll outline the distinctive features of the No Limit game you`ll see in tournaments such as the World Poker Tour (WPT) and the World Series of Poker (WSOP). the Champions Cup. The trophy was renamed Mike Sexton`s Champions Cup in May 2020 after the resignation of Champions Club member and long-time WPT commentator Mike Sexton. The poker world cried a few months later when the popular Sexton died of prostate cancer in September 2020. Main Tour champions also earn Player of the Year points and are invited to compete WPT is best known for its Main Tour, but also hosts several other live poker festivals, including WPTDeepStacks, WPT500, WPT Prime, WPT Heads-Up Championship Alpha8, WPT National, WPT Regional and Special Events.

World Poker Tour players can also join the action online via ClubWPT, PlayWPT and a soon-to-be-launched WPT Global. WPT also aims to empower its players by teaching aspiring WPT champions poker skills through their LearnWPT training site. Fewer players in each hand Partly because of the all-in factor, but also because of the nature of a tournament, there are usually fewer players competing for each pot in a game like those on the World Poker Tour. By definition, there is a natural wear and tear of players at the table in the tournament game. As each player runs out of money, the number of players sitting at the table decreases by one. Unlike a typical Texas Holdem game in a casino, where there are usually seven to nine players at the table, the number of players sitting at the table in an unlimited tournament starts at eight and slowly approaches the last two. Therefore, fewer players are involved in the average hand. As the number of players at the table decreases, so does the relative strength of poker hands. In February 2004, the WPT introduced its first members to the World Poker Tour Walk of Fame, aimed at poker players who have played poker at the highest level. The original candidates for the WPT Walk of Fame were Doyle Brunson, Gus Hansen and James Garn and no new players have been added since 2004. The tour has crowned hundreds of winners over the past two decades, with each winner not only being rewarded with a huge grand prize, but also the right to have their name engraved. While the WPT attracts professional and recreational poker players, the WPT500 offers a more reasonable entry point for many amateur players with a buy-in of around $500.